Ideas about social justice

CPS – Vancouver

INTRODUCTION: Canadians for Peace and Social Justice wish to use this web site to contact those, that have dissatisfaction with present world conditions, and wishing to visit our site and its information. We will present highlights from Focus on Socialism the web page of Canadians for Peace and Socialism our national body.We also intend to include material from CPS – Vancouver and local and BC content. Material sent to us will be the subject of our vet. As complete novices we will be using Vancouver Community Net VCN for help.

CPS – Vancouver supports the following outline which could make the basisi for a national people’s program.

A portal for all Canadian working people who in varying ways and degrees recognize the necessity to rally for far-reaching social reforms, expansion and security of employment by freeing the Canadian economy from its present subordination to U.S. and other foreign interests.
For Canadians who want peace and happiness, prosperity and safety for their families and who are beginning to realize that Canada’s participation in military alliances such as NATO, NORAD and the integration of the Canadian armed forces and internal security systems with the aims of the USA is leading Canada into the rapid militarization of the economy and permanent war.
For Canadians who want to apply science and technology to ease labour, to provide housing, education, arts, to solve problems of pollution, for the rational use of resources, to make life affordable and better for all.
For Canadians who are dissatisfied with the barren emptiness of the consumer society; where relations among people are based on crass individualism rather than sharing common goals.
For all people who demand dignity and reject all forms of humiliation arising from notions of racial supremacy, sexism, victimization of children and exploitation of youth.
For all Canadians who love this land and are not passive or indifferent about its future and challenge the idea that only rich and powerful elites will determine its destiny.
For all Canadians who seek the most progressive forward looking ideas that can move the country beyond being a mere resource hinterland for the USA and onto the path of a historical renovation of the country so that it can realize its full potential for all of its people.
For all Canadians who recognize that capitalism is flawed, has arrived at a stage of its development where it has become aggressive, oppressive exploitive and the opposite of what the mass media claims it to be.
For all Canadians who want to be part of the new progressive trends in the world that assert that the people who create the wealth of the nation, who labour to live, have the right to consider systems other than the profit system to solve their economic and social problems.
For all Canadians, who are willing to consider Socialism as a better option for the future of Canada.
(From Focus on Socialism)


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